June 4, 2022

Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital Awards Two Local Firefighter Paramedics for Heroic Actions

TEMPE, AZ – On Wednesday, March 18, 2022, Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital held its second annual EMS Stewards of the Community Award Event. The first ceremony was held in May of 2019, and like every other event of its kind, it was put on hold because of the COVID19 pandemic, thus the 3-year gap in holding the event. This ceremony began at Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital sister facilities in Massachusetts and is now an event held annually at all 44 Steward hospital nationwide.  The celebration is designed to recognize and award EMS professionals who have gone above and beyond their normal life saving duties and is held during EMS Week.

Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital put the call out to both the Tempe and Guadalupe Fire Departments and posted on social media asking for nominations. Several outstanding nominations were received, but the two that stood out and exemplified what it means to be a true Steward of the Community were for Tempe Firefighter Paramedic, Jason Dean, and Guadalupe Firefighter Paramedic, Alan Romania. Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital was proud to recognize these two exceptional EMS professionals:

Tempe Firefighter Paramedic, Jason Dean: You may recall the Chandler print shop explosion back in August of 2021, it was, and continues to be in the news. Jason was off duty that day and across the street from the shop when it exploded. He rushed into action and because of his training and knowledge he was able to quickly get the proper assistance needed and saved the lives of 3 men.=

Last month, Jason was recognized as Arizona’s 2022 Firefighter of the Year. This honor was bestowed on him by his peers and given to him at the annual Boots and Badge Gala which honors the Firefighter and Police Officer of the year.

Guadalupe Firefighter Paramedic, Alan Romania: Alan, a 23-year veteran of the Guadalupe Fire Department, and his crew were called to a drowning in July 2021 and because of Alan’s extensive background and expertise in paramedicine, they were able to save the life a little 2-year-old girl. And after 4 days in the ICU in a coma, the little girl woke up as if nothing happened. The parents were so grateful they invited Alan and his crew back to help celebrate the little girl’s 3rd birthday. The family helped Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital honor Alan by attending the ceremony and thanking him again for what he did.   

Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital was also honored to have as the Keynote Speaker of the evening, Derek Boehm, RN, CEP. Derek is the sole survivor of a tragic medical helicopter crash that happened here in the Valley, December 18, 2015. Derek shared his story of bravery and strength in his fight to survive his horrific crash, in which he suffered two broken femurs as well as fractured scapula, ribs and ankle. Even through the trauma of watching his partner die in his arms, Derek had the presence of mind to use his cell phone flashlight to signal a search and rescue crew.

After years of rehabilitation, Derek finished his nursing degree and has, believe or not, returned to the air, this time in a small plane, as a flight nurse in Hawaii.

Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital honored Tempe Firefighter Paramedic, Jason Dean, with its EMS Stewards of the Community Award on March 18, 2022, for his heroic and selfless actions rescuing three people following a gas explosion that devastated a Chandler strip mall.

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Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital honored Tempe Firefighter Paramedic, Jason Dean, and Guadalupe Firefighter Paramedic, Alan Romania, with its EMS Stewards of the Community Award on March 18, 2022. The pair of Valley paramedics saved several lives by jumping into action during separate close calls.

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